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MISSION 2: Cinema-related words


Dowload the following document and complete the missing information


Get ready to describe this shooting scene in 1 minute.

Take 4 minutes to list all the possible words you could use...



How to locate things

  1. Actor: A person who plays a role in a film

  2. Audience Response: The audience always has an emotional and psychological response to the film

  3. Box Office: Admission office

  4. Bloopers: An error made by the actors during the shooting of a film

  5. Cameraman: A person who is responsible for the shooting and recording the scenes of a film

  6. Cast: Assign roles to characters

  7. Director: A person who directs the film

  8. Dubbing: The process of adding dialogues in a different language for the audience of a different region

  9. Choreographer: Someone who creates new dances

  10. Cinema: A method that distributes moving images

  11. Character: The characters are the essence of the film. Fine characters have three sides based on the body science of the character

  12. Costumer: A person who designs or supplies clothing

  13. Critic: A person who participates in the analysis and interpretation of art

  14. Editor: Someone who decides the final content of a text

  15. Extra: A small character in the crowd scenes

  16. Film: A series of moving pictures that tell a story

  17. Flashback: A scene of a film in which past events are shown

  18. Flashforward: A scene of a film in which future events are shown

  19. Grip: The camera operator during the show

  20. Hairstylist: A barber or a barber

  21. Lighting: Lighting equipment for stage or film lighting

  22. Movie Theater: Theater where the films are shown

  23. Negative: Photographic film showing a reversed color image

  24. Outtakes: A part of a movie that was shot but was not included in the final edit

  25. Puppeteer: The one who uses dolls or marionettes

  26. Producer: A person who takes care of the financial aspects of a film

  27. Prequel: A movie containing the preceding information of another movie or work

  28. Premiere: The very first showcasing of a film at a theatre

  29. Reel: A reel is a frame which was used in olden days for storing movies

  30. Rehearsal: It is a practice of a play or a drama done many times before the final performance

  31. Scene: A particular sequence of action in a movie

  32. Stuntman: The person who performs stunt scenes for an actor in the movie

  33. Subtitles: Captions displayed at the bottom of the screen for a better understanding of the movie

  34. Synopsis: The basic plot of a movie

  35. Sound effects: A sound, not a voice or music, made just for adding it in the movie

  36. Scriptwriter: The person who writes the script for a film

  37. Screenplay: The script of the film including the instructions for acting and directing

  38. Sequel: A movie containing the succeeding information of another movie or work

  39. Score: The written form of music composition

  40. Script: Handwritten item

  41. Set: The location used to identify the location of the amazing product

  42. Soundtrack: Sound recording in a small line of motion picture film

  43. Songs: Romance film and love songs

  44. Special Effect: Impact used to produce scenes that cannot be achieved by conventional techniques (especially in film)

  45. Squib: Explosives including a powder-filled tube (like a broken bomb) that burns with sound

  46. Story Framing: A story that is told within a frame or story that forms the outline of another story or series of other characters whose bad actions or motives are important in the plot.

  47. Studio: Workplace with room or building where film and television production or television programs or radio programs are produced

  48. Visual effects: The process by which an image is created without a live-action shot

  49. Voice over: Audio narration in the film without the image of the speaker

  50. Villain: The character’s actions or motives are important in the plot

  51. Writer: Someone who can write and write something

  52. Zoom In: Check carefully; focus on the person’s attention

  53. Zoom Out: The photographer zoomed out to get the widest possible view of the scene

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